The future of transport – specifically how mobility is dealt with – will form a critical part of the development of smart cities. That is the case not just for outdoor spaces, but indoor spaces too, where the way that people and assets navigate can also provide the data equivalent of a gold mine.


Briteyellow is a wireless geo-tech company that helps transport operators to create smarter stations. The flow of information that is captured through Briteyellow’s BriteLocate cloud software and Internet-of-Things (IOT) platform fosters, for example, better insights into the way assets are located. The data can help the managers of large indoor spaces design better ways to help passengers navigate and find their way around major transport interchanges.


During recent trips to Japan and China, Briteyellow CEO Fredi Nonyelu saw at first hand the scale of the opportunity for technological solutions to be deployed. The customer experience can be enhanced by creating smart solutions in indoor places where GPS does not work. If venue operators know how passengers are moving around their restricted indoor spaces, they can, for example, offer better wayfinding options. This can mean an app that provides passengers with a 3D positioning and navigation solutions. The days of getting lost in a huge transport interchange, as they seek their favourite coffee shop or even their platform could be over!


Then if passengers can be confident that they can easily get to where they need to be, on time, that then gives them time to linger. Using indoor tracking systems gives opportunities form a marketing, operation management or venue planning point of view. Briteyellow’s 3D positioning, navigation, and tracking systems gives reliable, accurate and high quality geolocation information in GPS-denied places such as stations, and even the trains.


Imagine what you could do with better insight into footfall or assets for tracking or decision making, let alone the opportunity to provide for better wayfinding or customer experience for passengers. Less stressed passengers make for more productive and happy employees, too!


The BriteLocate-3D software and IoT platform, unlike current location and wayfinding solutions, operates both indoors and outdoors. It allows discovery of local offerings and location-aware content via a mobile or web app; and enables rapid creation of custom geo-mixed reality mobile applications with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).


BriteLocate-3D processes different types of 3D mapping data to create dimensionally accurate and interactive 3D models for mobile and web applications. Briteyellow’s 3D models are integrated with data from a local positioning system which uses WiFi, Bluetooth, 3D cameras, and low power networks for higher resolution and resilience, with a positioning accuracy from less than 1m.


BriteLocate includes location engine, scanners, gateways, sensors, and tags.

Briteyellow’s solution is better and faster at creating custom geo-mixed reality applications, that can be used to drive desired change in user behaviour Unlike: 2D mobile wayfinding and tracking solutions. It is also infrastructure free or light which is more cost-effective than vendor centric solutions.


Fredi Nonyelu, Briteyellow’s CEO, said: “Our vision for bringing Briteyellow to the UK public transport industry is to create a successful pilot with Go-Ahead as part of the Billion Journey Accelerator. Subsequently we will roll out across all major transport hubs across the country thorough collaboration with GoAhead group and other solution provider partners. Our goal is to be the leader 3D-VR mapping in the UK for public transport operators.


“The future of public transport is making every journey smart, from start to finish, through more effective and personalised guidance, with engaging, mixed reality content.”


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