Imagine a world where managers know in near real time the precise status and location of every asset at their disposal.


New technology makes that world possible in all large indoor locations: Airports, railway stations, large museums, universities and colleges, government buildings, and workplaces.


BriteLocate3D is Briteyellow’s bespoke software as a service technology platform, which lifts possibility into the realm of reality.


BriteLocate combines its multi-wireless (WiFi, BLE, UWB and LPWAN) indoor positioning and navigation engine with internet of things sensors to create a system that can locate and see the current status using apps or tags.


You can think of this as the field, or the net, within which any asset can be found or seen, and tracked, if it holds a BriteLocate tag or app.


These discreet tags are easily attached to any asset, including books in libraries, cleaning equipment, key personnel, and even children, or even pets.


You will be familiar with the tags on clothing, alcohol, or electrical equipment when you go to the shops. If the tag is not removed from the item, and it moves past a detector, the system sounds the alarm.


It’s a similar idea when asset managers use BriteLocate3D, accept the Bluetooth tags and BriteLocate3D sensors are in regular communication.


So, if a member of staff wants to locate, for example, the whereabouts of a pair of crutches in a hospital, all they have to do is consult their BriteLocate3D system. The system gives a local resolution of less than 1m to 3m in GPS-denied places.


Another example is if there has been a spillage at a railway station, the system will enable managers to immediately locate a member of the cleaning staff, and cleaning kit, to sort out the problem before it becomes a health and safety issue.


Briteyellow’s technology is helping customers to create smart indoor locations. The company can also help facility owners and operators who need better footfall, wayfinding, or asset tracking that fosters better insight, engagement, and interactions.


Our value proposition is to provide positioning, navigation, and tracking solutions for marketing and operation managers, or urban planners of venues between 20,000 and 100,000 sqm who are dissatisfied with current methods of obtaining location information especially in GPS denied places; that need better insight into footfall or assets for tracking or decision making.


We achieve it through our BriteLocate 3D software and IoT platform, which unlike other solutions, operates both indoors and outdoors allows discovery of local content through mobile or web apps, and enables rapid creation of Geo-Mixed reality applications. And most uniquely from a complete end to end solution from integrated software and hardware platform and dashboard.


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