Briteyellow’s customers, who include facility and venue managers in shopping malls, airports, museums, and other large indoor spaces can now make bespoke versions of BriteLocate3D to further enhance the platform’s pedestrian engagement and analytics functionality.


Fredi Nonyelu, the technology entrepreneur and founder of UK-based Briteyellow, said: “This is an exciting day for everyone involved with the company as it lifts us to yet another level as we deliver our vision to provide a virtual guide for the worlds’ indoor spaces.”


Users of large indoor venues can download a wayfinding app onto their smartphones which allows them to navigate in Augmented Reality 3D. There is no longer any need for 2D paper maps as the app allows shoppers, visitors, travellers and employees to find their way around in a human-centred way.


Fredi added: “The real power of BriteLocate3D for venue managers is in the analytics. The innovation, which matches information from Bluetooth Beacons and WiFi signals, allows operators to see data including heatmaps of customer movements and to deliver marketing messages to people when they are in precisely measured locations.”


The world received a heads-up that the release of the SDK was on the way at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Fredi added: “Barcelona was the perfect stage to tell the world about this major upgrade to BriteLocate3D.


“Briteyellow is now going around the world again, to events in Shanghai, Brussels and the United States, to engage directly with clients and potential customers.”


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