Augmented and Virtual Reality are redefining how consumers want to interact with brands.


New analysis of data from Mindshare by online marketplace OnBuy found that almost four in every five (80%) shoppers in the UK wish to use augmented reality on their phones to help them with tasks, including finding stores.


This adds to Briteyellow’s own research which found that customers at one UK shopping centre saw augmented reality on their smart phones to be a much more natural way of wayfinding in large indoor shopping centres than 2D maps.


Augmented Reality is not simply about finding Pokemon figures in the community, although that recent phenomenon does point to the enormous potential for AR technology.


In indoor spaces especially, where GPS enabled devices struggle to give accurate location information, Briteyellow believes AR can enhance the customer experience. found that 62% of UK shoppers prefer smartphones for wayfinding purposes. This is where navigation pathways are superimposed onto the real world to follow a route to a set destination. This is the ability of the customer facing part of Briteyellow’s powerful BriteLocate3D application.


The customer-facing side of BriteLocate3D is only one part of what it offers for marketing and operation managers or urban planners who need better wayfinding, movement tracking, engagement, or insight into people behaviour or asset usage in GPS-denied places.


BriteLocate3D offers a smart 3D location and navigation software & IoT platform that allows our customers to increase productivity, user experience, and interaction.


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