Briteyellow demonstrated the game-changing nature of our BriteLocate3D “Indoor GPS” app at the MKEX National Technology Exhibition in Milton Keynes.


Large indoor venues, including business expos, shopping centres, museums and office blocks are ideal for our exciting and brand new BriteLocate3D platform.


How often do you see people struggling with paper maps in 2D to find their way around a myriad potential destinations?


The human issue is that people do not live in a 2D world; their experiences are always in 3D.


Some people are very good at reading flat maps but our experience is that having a 3D image to navigate by enormously enhances the visitor experience.


Briteyellow’s BriteLocate3D “Indoor GPS” app provides a unique 3D virtual reality image for navigation on a mobile device indoors at a multitude of venues.


Visitors to our stand at the MKEX National Technology Exhibition saw a demo of using BriteLocate3D app to not only help customers find their way around but deliver special offers and take them to the items of interest.


You cannot do that with a 2D map!


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