Technology innovator Briteyellow is taking its world leading mixed reality 3D positioning and navigation services direct to potential partners and customers in China for the first time.

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Shanghai is the must-attend event bringing together the leading products, services, and technologies from the global mobile ecosystem from June 28 to July 1, 2017.

Fredi Nonyelu, Briteyellow’s founder and chief executive, said: “Briteyellow is one of a select elite of companies on the planet who are offering Mixed Reality solutions.

“Mixed Reality is the evolution of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into something unique and very different. Mixed Reality is a paradigm shift in innovation in mobile technology.”

Briteyellow is familiar to the European audience of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona and to Asia through other events. Now the MWC in Shanghai offers Briteyellow the chance to connect with new partners and customers in the strategically important Chinese market.


Fredi added: “MWC in Shanghai brings the world’s technology innovators together in an exciting and vibrant marketplace where we meet those who know the value of practical new ideas.


“Our vision is to provide a virtual guide for the worlds’ indoor spaces, based our “3D indoor GPS” technology.


Briteyellow’s platform, called BriteLocate3D, helps end users to find their way more easily inside buildings or places where GPS does not work accurately such as shopping malls, airports, museums, hospitals and tourist sites.


BriteLocate3D uses Mixed Reality on a smartphone to guide people to discover indoor places and things. This saves time as the user gets around more efficiently, reduces stress, increases productivity, and enhances their experience of the venue.


It gives building managers better 3D information about usage of venues, and is also a great way for users to collect loyalty rewards and incentives.


Fredi added: “We will also be looking for sophisticated and knowledgeable partners who wish to join with Briteyellow to deliver these exciting products direct to the Chinese market.


“These are exciting times for Briteyellow and our partners and we are extremely confident, given our interactions at Barcelona and knowledge of the Chinese market, that MWC at Shanghai will assist us to accelerate the achievement of our vision in a globally significant way.”


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