Enhancing customer experience with 3D indoor positioning and navigation systems for way-finding and location-aware services.

A brand new 3D mapping and location app will end the days of people getting lost and frustrated in massive indoor shopping centres and other large venues.


The BriteLocate3D app, launched at a high-profile showcase in London, will provide a real time moving 3D image on customers’ mobile devices that will accurately reflect their surroundings in a way currently unobtainable.


“We are going beyond 2D,” said Fredi Nonyelu, the chief executive of Briteyellow, based in Cranfield, Bedfordshire. “In a few years’ time we will look back on 2D indoor mapping and think it came from the Stone Age.”


“Humans work in a 3D world, not a 2D one. BriteLocate3D works in that same world and enhances the way humans work, adding to their experience.”


“Shoppers will be able to go directly to the outlets that interest them without getting lost in shopping centres or other large indoor venues. Retailers will be able to send their offers direct to the phones of customers who have registered an interest.”


“It will save customers’ time and give retailers the ability to enhance the experience in their stores.”


Fredi added: “Once people get to use BriteLocate3D they will never want to see a 2D flat map again.”


The BriteLocate3D was launched at a showcase at the Digital Catapult Centre, in London. Briteyellow was chosen by eight technology judges to be a key exhibitor at a showcase.


Fredi said: “Winning a place at such an exclusive high-profile national showcase shows that a seriously influential panel of experts believes in our idea almost as much as we do!”


“Our 3D indoor positioning and navigation system for way-finding and location aware services will change the way that people go shopping and the way retailers interact with their customers.”


The BriteLocate3D app will provide a 3D image on a mobile device indoors, in shopping centres, museums, other large venues and even office blocks, where Global Positioning Systems (GPS) fail. BriteLocate3D uses available wireless signals and phone sensors to give a precise indoor location on a mobile device.


The app will not be able to solve the arguments between people who want to go straight to where they want to go and those who like to window shop.


“But,” said Fredi. “BriteLocate3D will give benefits to both by enhancing their enjoyment of shopping centres and other large indoor venues and attractions.”


“And when it comes to the time when customers want to find their car, the app will include a way of getting them back to their transport, too!”


The app could also be used by facilities managers, for example, to keep track of service providers and operatives.


For more information on BriteLocate3D visit https://www.briteyellow.com/location-insights


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