Mapping Indoor Movement

Keeping track of your movement accurately when you are mapping a space space for the first time or performing a maintenance visit allows you to retrace your steps and repeat a process accurately.


Maintaining Physical Assets

BriteScanner Mobile App helps you carry out maintenance visits more effectively by keeping an accurate track of where you went.

Maintaining Digital Twin assets

BriteScanner Web App stores your digital assets with their real-world position accurately so that when your physical space changes, you can quickly update your Digital Twin.

Making maintenance of your digital twin assets simple and easy. So you can can keep your Digital Twins up to date.


Empowering Movement Insights

BriteScanner Insights dashboard shows tracks and heatmaps from visits so you can assess the effectiveness of mapping and maintenance visits more accurately.

Allowing you to identify gaps, discrepancies, and opportunities to improve performance.

Improving Operational Efficiency

BriteScanner mobile app helps you update changes to your physical assets with ease.

Capture changes in your BriteScanner app and easily update your Briteyellow powered apps to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.


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