Technology innovators Briteyellow have announced extra functionality in the latest exciting development of their class leading cloud indoor positioning platform, BriteLocate3D.


BriteLocate3D is a virtual reality indoor navigation and wayfinding system that allows customers of high footfall venues such as airports, shopping malls, department stores, stadiums, and visitor attractions to find their way around with high resolution virtual reality on their smartphones.


The very latest development is the addition of a campaign management system that allows venues or, for example, stores within shopping malls, to update their vital store fronts to show their best offers to customers.


Fredi Nonyelu, Briteyellow’s founder and chief executive, said: “BriteLocate3D gives the customers of major venues the ability to find their way around without the need for 2D maps. People work, travel and shop in a 3D world, so this platform allows them to find their way around in a much more natural way.


“Our addition of a campaign management system that allows individual units to upload their latest shop front offers to a 3D display will be seen by customers as they find their way around. It’s yet another step forward for BriteLocate3D.”


The highly useful system also allows 3D Location Tracking on a powerful 3D Cloud Dashboard. Facilities managers can visualise individual movements such as security staff or create heatmaps and take a deep dive into data analytics.


Briteyellow, exhibitors at the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) at London’s Olympia, also offers a complete managed service for Indoor Location and Analytics.


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