Briteyellow was recently awarded a G-Cloud 13 framework contract for our smart digital solutions. G-Cloud is a framework of approved suppliers that provides digital, Cloud-based software services via the Digital Marketplace to the UK central government departments and all other public sector organisations. The product types are divided into 4 Lots, each one about a different Cloud service –  

  • Lot 1-Cloud Hosting – Cloud platform or infrastructure which allows buyers to deploy, manage and run the software and provision and use processing, storage, or networking resources 
  • Lot 2-Cloud Software – Applications which are accessed over the internet and hosted in the Cloud  
  • Lot 3-Cloud Support – Cloud migration planning, set-up and migration, security services, quality assurance and performance testing, training, and ongoing support 
  • Lot 4-Cloud Support Further Competition – Designed for larger, more complex requirements procured through further competition. 

Briteyellow was awarded G-Cloud 13 framework contract Lot 2 Cloud Software for its Augmented Reality wayfinding, smart footfall monitoring, and immersive virtual reality tours.  

What Is The Significance of the G-Cloud framework? 

The Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 13 framework provides access to multiple suppliers and cloud services, including a swift and easy route to market and access to the latest Cloud technologies. Organisations can also enjoy other benefits like: 

  • Access to over 38,000 services and over 5,200 suppliers  
  • Scalable services: only pay for service used, and increase or reduce as per requirement 
  • Reduced costs and reduced total cost of ownership compared to running a service in-house  
  • Easy change of service provider 

Similarly, it also provides technology and software companies like Briteyellow with the opportunity to get their innovative solutions to organisations that can make the best use of them – towards improving customer experience. 

Winning a G-Cloud 13 framework contract means Briteyellow will be able to take its smart technologies, such as indoor wayfinding, footfall counting, movement tracking, care assisting, and more, to organisations and institutions that can benefit the most from them. You can find out more about our smart solutions by contacting us at 0845 557 0520 or emailing us at

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