Briteyellow will be with other European and world leaders in location and analytics in IoT in Brussels in early June.

Geo IoT World is being held at Marivaux Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, on June 6 to 8, bringing together leaders of transformational technologies and business models that are revolutionising how people live and work.

With a focus on wireless innovation, Briteyellow is engaged in bringing WiFi and sensor applications for Indoor Location and Internet of Things solutions to market.

Briteyellow’s technology, BriteLocate3D, is a smart mobility platform that provides better engagement and analytics for smart city operators who need to offer pedestrians better indoor wayfinding.

Fredi Nonyelu, the technology entrepreneur who founded Briteyellow, explained the company’s place at the summit: “We are on the brink of a step-change in the way people navigate around cities in both indoor and outdoor environments.”

Fredi, who will be speaking at the event, added: “GPS is already familiar to people in an outdoor setting but indoors is a much different matter because GPS does not work there. What we have done is found a way to create a visual indoor GPS which can help people move more efficiently in large venues such as airports, museums, shopping centres and large workplaces.”

This virtual reality wayfinding technology has created a solution which can save people time when moving around in both outdoor and indoor settings.

Within an indoor setting, Briteyellow has been able to use WiFi and Bluetooth Beacon technologies to create a highly accurate way of determining the location of individuals in large venues.

In layman’s terms, it means the end of the paper map and the “you are here” displays.

As well as providing a personalised virtual guide for people in cities, BriteLocate3D also gives smart city planners and facility operators a 3D virtual platform to engage and interact with pedestrians (citizens, passenger, or visitors) in new ways.

Geo IoT World is the only “location-aware IoT” event for expertise sharing, innovation discovery, networking and business opportunities. Computer Vision, VR-enhanced positioning, UWB… this session addresses the emerging technologies that advance precise indoor location at all levels: better accuracy, reliability, speed of update, the efficiency of deployment time, infrastructure requirements, power consumption, CPU usage, etc.

Fredi will be speaking during a key session on indoor location, where he will be speaking about Briteyellow’s Emerging Precision Location Technologies. He will be covering the subject of Enabling VR-Enhanced Mobility and IoT Applications, including creating a Virtual Reality-enhanced Indoor Spaces guide for people and IoT.

He will also be describing how VR-enhanced Indoor positioning and navigation empowers Indoor Location and IoT applications with new 3D photorealism and looking at new opportunities for more engaging and interactive IoT applications.

Fredi’s talk will include a demo of a new Software-as-a-Service platform for 3D VR-enhanced geolocation and IoT applications.


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