Briteyellow will be at the world’s technology top table in Barcelona, Spain, in November.


The sixth SmartCity Expo World Congress is the worldwide leading event for Smart Cities, attracting more than 14,288 visitors from 568 cities in 105 countries.


UK-based wireless innovator Briteyellow will be showcasing its cutting edge BriteLocate3D platform. BriteLocate3D uses high-resolution virtual reality on a smartphone to navigate users to their indoor destination.


Fredi Nonyelu, chief executive of Briteyellow, said: “The congress gathers together the highest level of global stakeholders to exchange experiences, ideas, form valuable connections and make international business deals, so we are thrilled to take our place in that company.


“Briteyellow’s long term commitment to Research and Development and passion for collaborative leadership makes us a trusted partner for Smart City applications.”


BriteLocate3D features accurate position systems for visitor interaction, wayfinding, and navigation, whilst converting large 3D datasets and wireless sensor data into real time movement dashboard, and ‘heatmaps’.


The Congress, from November 15-17, is widely recognised as the world’s leading smart city congress.


Fredi added: “We are on the edge of an explosion in smart city technology, which will transform people’s lives beyond recognition. Developments such as BriteLocate3D, which helps people navigate in large enclosed areas, have the potential to change the way we live, shop, travel and interact.


“It is inspiring and motivating for Briteyellow to be among more than 400 of the most innovative and influential smart city thinkers in the world.”


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