2017 will be the year that augmented and virtual reality breaks through into the mainstream.


That’s the view of technology entrepreneur Fredi Nonyelu, the founder and chief executive of indoor location application leader Briteyellow.


Fredi said: “Until now, virtual and augmented reality has been restricted to geeks and gamers. This year I think we will see the number of applications of enhanced experiences increase exponentially as people see it and use it.”


Briteyellow’s own BriteLocate3D powers indoor location applications for smart city planners, and operators of high footfall venues such as shopping centres, airports, train stations, hospitals, exhibitions, museums etc.


“In our space, we see that end-users of virtual and augmented reality displays on their smartphones find it much easier to navigate around indoor venues. I think that is the crucial point; if it is easier for end-users, and they demand more of it, then the market will supply it.”


BriteLocate3D is not simply a personalised virtual guide for people in cities. It also gives smart city planners and facility operators a 3D virtual platform to engage and interact with pedestrians (citizens, passenger, or visitors) in new ways.


The analytics provided for high footfall venues by BriteLocate3D provides valuable data to enable those venues to, for example, see how people are moving around. Through heatmaps it can provide facility managers with ways to improve the movement of their customers and thereby enhance their experience.


Fredi continued: “Our applications saves time as the user gets around more efficiently, reduces stress, increases productivity, and enhances their experience of the venue.

“It gives building managers better 3D information about usage of venues, and is also a great way for users to collect loyalty rewards and incentives.


“In our space, the use of virtual and augmented reality is a win-win for everyone and we can see that being replicated in many scenarios. That’s why I thing that the future for virtual is very real.”


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